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Western Tank Services provides a cleaning, test and repair centre for transportable tank equipment. As such we deal with full range of chemicals, food regulations, confined spaces, High Risk work, working at heights and just about every work health and safety related issue that any business could conceivably be required to deal with. The scale of the compliance issue with our business is massive.

During 2014 we had a sudden influx of work. Our already out of date WHS systems that we inherited from the previous management team buckled and our compliance with it including issues with council and WorkCover. It was an extremely disheartening time. In July 2014 we called Information Plus Action Consultants to run us through where we were at and assess the gap to where we needed to be.

Information Plus Action Consultants provided a complete relevant health check and the story was not pretty. They sat down with us and redesigned our WHS system from top to bottom with an expert knowledge of current legislation. But their real skill lay in the fact they balanced the requirements of operating our business, the budgets we had to work with and their knowledge of what had to be addressed as a priority given their history with various legislations. They were never pushy, they always listened to our point of view and together we worked through the mutually agreed priorities. We never had the feeling they were making things difficult in order to prolong their tenure – indeed often they provided better, cheaper and quicker solutions than we thought possible.

Fast Forward to December 2015 and they are still involved with the company. We have addressed the vast majority of items and know where we are at with everything else. We would stand up to external scrutiny with ease, and indeed have done. Further to their main brief of bridging our compliance gap, they have provided many useful insights in several other areas including HR, conflict resolution, and training recommendations. We have seen our preventable workplace injuries plummet, our maintenance issues are more effectively addressed, and best of all we have a real sense of involvement and ownership amongst our staff.

As we look to the future and expansion we have a real sense of confidence. Indeed we see our compliance as a point of difference that we intend to use in marketing through that expansion. This is in no small part to the professional guidance we have received from Alison and her team at Information Plus Action Consultants.

I would not only recommend Information Plus Action Consultants, I would not run a business without them.


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